Our Italian office is located in Telgate, one of the most important juvenile districts in Italy. All colleagues are directly involved in sales, operational marketing, finance and warehousing.


Telgate is a city of nearly 5000 residents. It was already known in Roman epoch when, situated on the road of connection between the cities of Brescia and Milan, it was a station for the change of the horses for travelers. Since the 70’s it has been an important juvenile industrial center with the headquarter of different Italian players. Telgate is not far from Bergamo, a city with two faces, one on the hill and the other on the plain, different yet linked by history and interwoven streets, alleys and stairways; a place of culture and business, contemplation and action, of sky and earth, divided Upper and Lower City.


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Quinny introduces NXTGEN stroller line - Perfect for life's imperfect moments

Quinny empowers urban millennial parents to walk their way; transforming parenthood into a carefree exploration. The new NXTGEN stroller line consists of three different strollers