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Privacy Statement

The personal data you provide for this application and otherwise as part of the recruitment process will be held and processed for the purpose of the selection processes of Dorel Juvenile and in connection with any subsequent employment or placement, unless otherwise indicated. The personal data will be initially controlled by or on behalf of Dorel and will be retained only for as long as is permitted by local legislation and then destroyed.


In order to process the personal data you provide for this application and otherwise for the purposes indicated, your personal data may be disclosed to a Dorel Company and/or to third party organisations providing administration or other relevant services to Dorel and/or the relevant Dorel Company.


Dorel and the relevant Dorel Company will try to ensure that your personal data is protected adequately wherever possible, even where countries outside the European Economic Area to which it is transferred may provide a different level of (legal) protection of personal data from that offered by legislation in the European Economic Area or do not have laws to protect it. Countries, to which your application data and other personal data you have supplied have been transferred, can be provided on request.


By submitting your personal data and application, you (1) declare that you have read, understood and accepted the statements set out in this data protection clause; (2) are declaring that the information given in the application is complete and true; (3) are giving your consent to the processing of the information contained in this application and any other personal data you may provide separately in the manner and to the extent described; and (4) are authorising Dorel and/or the relevant Dorel Company to verify or have verified on their behalf all statements contained in this application and to make any necessary reference checks.

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