Leadership recognizes the value of work/life balance
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I support the Marketing Manager on all of our health and safety categories. We represent the voice of the consumer starting with the New Product Development process, through consumer vetting, retailer sell-in, and during the development of packaging and on-floor sales tools. Basically throughout the life of every product. I love seeing products that I held the first prototypes for being sold in huge stores, and small ones too. It makes me feel proud that the work I do has an impact.


I started in Sales in Feb 2012 as a Sales Associate. It’s great how Dorel Juvenile gives employees room to expand our responsibilities and interact with management. You can get a lot done for yourself at Dorel Juvenile just by working hard and making sure your managers and HR manager know what your goals are. Within the next year or two I see myself owning and managing my own product categories.


One of the best things about coming to work is interacting with my coworkers. We have lots of really enjoyable conversations, both professional and otherwise, every day. I really appreciate that the leadership at Dorel Juvenile recognizes the value of work/life balance for their employees. Flex hours allow me to take care of my life outside of work at the best times instead of forcing me into the 9-5 routine required by other companies.


Favorite pastime: I’m a big trivia fan! My friends and I play in a weekly competition and hold the current winning record of five weeks in a row. 

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