I love to work in places that are engaged in transformation
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I was introduced to Dorel Juvenile by a long-time colleague of mine. As a father of four I was certainly familiar with our brands, but I had no real knowledge of the company behind them until I came to work here. Although I came into a new role, I’ve been able to create opportunities and grow my responsibilities in the time I’ve been here.


I love to work in places that are engaged in transformation, and Dorel Juvenile is a great example. We’re in the midst of the transition facing all consumer goods companies, as traditional retailers become a smaller part of the consumer lifecycle. We’re also becoming a global, fully integrated company as we leverage our acquisition of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of juvenile goods. There’s a great deal of evolution happening these days. It means we face change and challenges, but also great opportunities.


My goal is to see our brands lead the competition, to see our operations become best in class for efficiency and effectiveness, and to see our teams enjoy their work while becoming masters of global collaboration. We have a mission that is positive, accessible, and very easy to feel good about: we Care for Precious Life. I think the best parts of our culture come from the fact that every day that we spend here relates somehow to keeping kids safe.

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