We help save children's lives every day - you can't beat that
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Before I started working here, I didn’t know very much about Dorel Juvenile as a company. Of course I’d seen “Baby on Board” signs my entire life, but didn’t know who made them because my previous experience was outside of the "baby" industry. During the application process, I was excited to discover how many great brands Dorel Juvenile represented. Now, as Director of Online Sales, I’m responsible for growing our revenue through our online sales partners such as Amazon.com, Diapers.com and many others. The power of our brands and our global presence are assets that help me do my job well. 


It’s exciting to be working in a role where I get to deal with both online and offline elements. On one hand, we sell tangible products. On the other hand, I’m working with digital assets and working on creating a great user experience via our online partners’ sites. It’s great to be able to marry the two worlds. 


It's one thing to work for a company that's successful; it's another thing entirely to work for a company that's successful while also making the world a better place. We save children's lives every day - you can't beat that.


I fully believe in the direction that the company is headed in. Our focus on the products and the happiness of our consumers, rather than simply trying to fill a slot on a shelf in a store, is absolutely critical if we want to remain relevant in this industry, and I believe that we are heading in that direction.


Favorite food and drink: I love discovering the best IPAs. I seem to have a new favorite every month!


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