Forecasting is more than analysing data
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In my role I’m always juggling opposite objectives. From a sales perspective you always want to deliver to your customer and that means having plenty in stock. However, it is not helpful to have endless stocks either. We need to balance these objectives carefully and make sure collections are properly phased out, whilst still serving retailers with what they need. I like to face that challenge of constantly moving forward and improving our performance. After all, at the end of the day, there is a waiting customer, whom we need to reach in the most efficient way.


I like Supply Chain because of the relations with other departments and the connection with the product. Good forecasting is more than simply analysing data. It is important to know how the markets will react to new products, how different countries will respond to the colour of a stroller, and what the differences are between collections. You have to be close to the products in order to do your job properly.


I started as forecaster at Dorel Juvenile, took on additional projects later, and grew into a management role. Now, I am leading a team of nine people and it is such a pleasure to work with them. I like to help other people with their own personal development in the same way as others have helped me at Dorel Juvenile. I have two children, so I’ve been on maternity leave twice, but it never felt as though I’d been away. I’m happy that I’ve been able to develop constantly and maintain a good balance between work and family life.


I appreciate an employer who understands that I also have two children at home with whom I love to spend time. However, I do need to be challenged and to have enough opportunities to develop my career further in Dorel Juvenile. Processes are being put in place and supply chain is crossing boundaries. 


Favourite film: I like to watch films with a lot of suspense in it like ‘The Six Senses’ or ‘Usual Suspects’.

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