Taking products to the next level—It’s all about sharing across borders

Although all parents across the globe are different, they have one big need in common. They want the very best for their children. By sharing knowledge and experience internationally, Dorel Juvenile is able to offer parents high-quality solutions that tune in seamlessly to what they are looking for. Kim Tat, Product Manager at Dorel Juvenile, is highly involved in developing these solutions and she is a great example of an employee who shares and cares across borders.  


PR_Tat_Kim_Portrait_100517_smKim TatKim started her career at Dorel in Canada, moved to Melbourne in 2012 to support the product management team down under, and is just now settling in the US to continue her job there. Kim’s global mindset helps her to get the best out of her work every day. Kim explains: “During my career, I learned a lot about product development and the needs of parents. Although all parents differ, Dorel Juvenile thinks on a global scale. The regional comparison can be a real benefit: an innovative feature we developed in Australia can also elevate products in the US or in Europe, and vice versa. In Australia I worked on the Maxi-Cosi Luna car seat and some of the innovative features, like the headrest and Dual Action crotch buckle could also work well in other regions. In operating this way, we raise the bar worldwide.”


Using global knowledge to drive innovation for parents
Dorel Juvenile strongly believes that sharing knowledge and experience globally is key to offering parents the very best solutions. Kim adds: “We always leverage the hard work that has already been done to execute it faster and better the next time around. Thanks to our strong global network, Dorel Juvenile can truly share its collective knowledge around the world—this can only be a benefit for driving innovation and improving our speed to market.”



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